Don’t resign, design!

Towards a Pedagogy of the Digital

Keywords: Media Education, Media Literacy, Digital Literacy, Educational Technology, ICT in Education, Media in Classroom, Digital Media


When “software takes command”, people take fright – a reaction which frequently accompanies change or novelty. Their fears are understandable, but they also cloud people’s view of the potentials that digital tools and digital media hold for society and especially educational contexts. Their fears also define societal debates and contribute to a general lack of ambition when it comes to seizing the opportunities for broad collaboration in the design of a “digital society”. This paper identifies a selection of conceptual digital potentials, presents the initial findings of an ongoing study and uses these as a basis to formulate recommendations for reclaiming society’s formative authority over the shape of the digital in its midst.

Author Biography

Thomas Knaus, Ludwigsburg University of Education | Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences | University of Vienna
Professor Dr. phil. Thomas Knaus is a Professor of Educational Science specializing in Media Pedagogy and Head of Department of Media Education at The Ludwigsburg University of Education, Academic Director of the FTzM in Frankfurt am Main and Honorary Professor for Educational Technology at the Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS); he served as Professor of General Education at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg as well as a Visiting Professor at the University of Otago (New Zealand) and the University of Vienna (Austria);the primary focus of his research and work lies in the field of Media Pedagogy (digital transformation in educational institutions, (media) education in schools, methods and approaches in media pedagogical research, theories of media socialization) and socio- and educational informatics (digital transformation, theory of technology, text and image in digital communication);he is a member of the steering group of the initiative No Education without Media! (Keine Bildung ohne Medien – KBoM!) and of the Association for Media Education and Communication Culture (GMK), the German Informatics Society (GI), the German Educational Research Association (GERA | DGfE), the Interdisciplinary Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences (IZdigital), and the Professional Group School (GMK) as well as a spokesperson for the Qualitative Research Section (GMK).
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