Vol 30, No 1 (2015)

Australian Educational Computing

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Research Articles (Refereed/Reviewed)

Alignment Between Principal And Teacher Beliefs About Technology Use DOC PDF
Abdulmajeed Alghamdi, Sarah Prestridge
Improving Learning Experiences Through Gamification: A Case Study DOC PDF
Benjamin Geelan, Kristy de Salas, Ian Lewis, Carolyn King, Dale Edwards, Aidan O'Mara
Synthesis of survey questions that accurately discriminate the elements of the TPACK framework DOC PDF
Seeta Jaikaran-Doe, Peter Edward Doe
Malaysian University Students’ Use of Mobile Phones for Study DOC PDF
Darren Pullen, J-F J-F, Karen Swabey, M Abadooz, Termit Kaur Ranjit Sing
The influence of the home learning environment on middle school students’ use of ICT at school DOC PDF
Darren Pullen
University student learning and the impact of technology on their learning DOC PDF
Darren Pullen
An analysis of 27 years of research into computer education published in Australian Educational Computing DOC PDF
Jason Zagami

General Articles (Non Refereed/Reviewed)

Believe it or not DOC PDF
Martin Levins


Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education DOC PDF
Petrea Redmond

New South Wales

ICT Educators of NSW DOC PDF
Martin Levins

South Australia

Jacqui Knipe


Tasmanian Society for Information Technology in Education DOC PDF
Jason Zagami


Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria DOC PDF
Donna Gronn

Australian Council for Computers in Education

Digital Technologies in the Australian Curriculum DOC PDF
Jason Zagami
2015 ACCE Study Tour DOC PDF
Martin Levins

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