Vol 28, No 1 (2013)

Australian Educational Computing

The iBook and PDF versions of this edition also includes general (non reviewed) articles and ACCE association reports. These are available from http://acce.edu.au/journal/28/1/australian-educational-computing-281-2013

Table of Contents

Research Articles (Refereed/Reviewed)

Something’s coming, something good: Identifying TPACK competence in pre-service teachers’ analyses of learning objects DOC PDF
Margaret Lloyd
Integrating Facebook into a University cohort to enhance student sense of belonging: a pilot program in Sport and Exercise Science. DOC PDF
Teneale Alyce McGuckin, Rebecca Maree Sealey
Who you know and what you know: Student interaction in online discussions DOC PDF
Tony Stevens
ICT for ICT’s sake: Secondary teachers’ views on technology as a tool for teaching and learning DOC PDF
Adam Bertram, Bruce Waldrip

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